the Reverend Crystal Rose - Gypsy Witch Dr of Divinity


   the Reverend Crystal Rose

 ~ Gypsy Witch Dr of Divinity


Edmonton AB


Crystal  Rose 

the Reverend Gypsy Witch Doctor of Divinity

Crystal Rose can be described as a larger than life, charismatic yet down to earth, mystical personality who shares her insights and gifts with those who have come to her for advice.

Gifted as a reader since childhood, she employs several of the mystical arts as well as her natural gifts as a seer in a way that is both entertaining as well as insightful. She is comfortable in her skin and it shines thru. She lives with a confidence and ease that many are still looking for.

Her  title, although she admits may be a little dramatic for some, definitely reflects who she is. She walks between worlds with balance...she is both an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and a Witch Dr - spiritual energy healing is her chosen tool to get deeper than what is seen, creating changes in subconscious habits & cellular memory.

Wherever it is that you connect with her, she will be offering a safe place in which one can heal & empower the self along their chosen path as they find their way back to wholeness as a human angel. 

Working with the mental, physical and emotional bodies, Crystal will help you triangulate in a way that opens your heart center, activates change & helps you find ways of expressing compassion, allowing flow, trusting your intuition, staying balanced, & overflowing with joy & gratitude, experiencing giggle-gasms while living life to its fullest.

Whether just curious or serious, spending an hour with Crystal will help you find tools with which you can change your life. 

   In a world where you can be anything

                 BE YOUrself!