the Reverend Crystal Rose - Gypsy Witch Dr of Divinity

  I AM  


Quantum Sound Therapy 

'Licensed Spiritual Sound Healer' 

Your Voice contains everything you have 
ever experienced in every lifetime you have lived. It contains your hopes, dreams, fears and stress. The tones of your voice create sounds that express those experiences. 
You can change the way that your 
subconscious brain both reacts or 
responds to stimuli & emotions working with sound. 
The noise that you create & the sound you
 hear crash and neutralize whatever was causing the stress.

Different types of sound creates 
different environments in which to
experience energy. 

All guided meditations are effective to

varying degrees.... now imagine 100% 
By recording your voice, stretching it out
 into tones, and playing it back to you using sacred scalar energy, your misery is exposed to a hazardous environment. 
Working with VAHS (Voice Activated 
Hydration Systems), I offer people the opportunity to experience BLISS with very little effort. (15 seconds of speaking-then getting comfortable to enjoy the meditation is all the work you have to do) 

I recommend trying a group session first.
This will give you the opportunity to understand what it is that you will or will not experience. Everyone's journey to arrive at this point in time is different and the results from a session is just as varied. 
I often bear witness to the look on
someone's face when they experience totally quiet brain chatter for the first time....It is AMAZING....when the realization of total quiet is first realized... 

Private sessions are also available.  The first Private Session is called 'Keeper of Hearts'. After the initial Soul Retrieval - you do not need to repeat that portion again.  Call or  Book on-line        

As the 'witch doctor', I use energy as the tool that creates safe space to allow you to do your healing in.  My work is done on etheric levels that cannot be seen but can often be felt.  

Approaching things from spiritual first, following thru the mental & emotional bodies, & then manifesting in the physical, I see things from the opposite perspective, often knowing/seeing what others cannot.

This approach lends itself to work with all modalities you are presently using, increasing their effectiveness.

Using different rituals, ceremonies & tools, we can essentially train the subconscious to think differently, causing new & different emotional responses to stimuli....changing the way energy flows & works in our body.

This works fits in with all religious backgrounds and belief systems, because we can choose our tools to fit your lifestyle. As an Ordained Metaphysical Minister I work with both Christianity and Mysticism in a partnership that has been lost over the centuries.

Other Soul Therapist

Services Available:


Intuitive Insights - Spiritual Guidance

Metaphysical Practitioner
Reiki Classes & Sessions 

Karma Release

Soul Retrieval 

Past Life Regression


Crystal Resonance Therapy 
Crystal Prescriptions (jewelry)


Couples Connection Therapy 
Sexual Energy Healing Therapy
Positive Psychology Life Coaching



Gratitude List Circle  

Book your session 

If you do not see your session you want as a title - book Intuitive Insights & we will use the time in the way you prefer.

-having the ability to see past the story into 'raw truth' allows me to see what is happening at a subconscious level..I can put into words that which you already know but cannot express


-Using hands on to transfer Universal Energy, allowing you to absorb as much as possible. Very relaxing, creating quiet mind space, giving you a break from the chatter, in order to hear your own intuitive guidance.

-Karma release & soul integration can be done during a session so mutli-dimensional benefits are occurring.

-Working with ArchAngel Raphael - I have been told to use the title 'Keeper of Hearts'. Sessions includes retrievals, reconnecting & opening the heart energy you have tucked away. 

-If there is anything that you need to be aware of from a past life, it will come forward, without a separate session. 


-Crystals carry different energy vibrations, I use them and recommend which could be most helpful in supporting your intentions. Bracelets created with various stones and blessed with Reiki & angelic love are available to wear during your healing process. These take only a few minutes to string & then go thru a month of rituals & ceremonies so they never need cleansing nor re-programming. Bracelets for both Adults & Children are available 


-Relationships are often the most difficult to understand. The one we have chosen to reflect our self, is often the one that we blame for our 'unhappy'. Much can be done to reconnect energetically, whether physically together or not.

-Becoming more intimate, loving & accepting of self , opens the door to the same with a partner. 

-Sexual energy effects many areas of our life, & ironically has very little to do with our sex life itself. Understand how psychic vampires & energy loss are connected to this. 


-Joy changes everything. It is the simplest thing to create yet the hardest thing to find. 

-Writing gratitude lists creates focus that changes energy to an environment of happy little moments, eventually creating a space that has forgotten the doom & gloom of worry.

-I write a list daily & email it to those that wish to receive it...filled with humor & a completely different perspective, it has inspired many to let go of the weight they carry around the experience they are having. 

-Send an email to get on the list :) those you wish to, and ignore those you don't...the Universe has a wonderful way of making sure we hear what we need, if we trust our intuition to guide us.....