the Reverend Crystal Rose - Gypsy Witch Dr of Divinity

 Words are my passion 

but  painting says it faster.....

Artistic Services offered:

Soul Paintings


Art Therapy



Vision Boards

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on how to participate


-painted with eyes closed, this painting reveals the colors of spirit. Beyond the aura to the core essence of Divinity, lies the colors of who you really are. Accompanied with explanation of what I see when I look at you.

You an combine Soul Painting with Element Readings as special pricing & save....

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-Art is an incredible tool to use when meditating. Learn to get out of your mind & allow creativity too flow. Experience the process without worry about finished product.  Our Paint Nights can fall under this category.


-Learn to manifest what you want in life by creating vision boards. Lots of giggles & grins in these play shops.                         

I also offer paintings  for sale. 

I work in many mediums but tend to go back to watercolor 

due to its versatility.

I also offer classes. 

Some of my work can be seen 

in my facebook albums 

animals are at

and florals at

contact me if you wish more information about anything you see



My work is almost exclusively available for sale directly thru me


               tho there are still some pieces floating around at 

                   Stone Bear Gallery - 100 Mile House BC 

               Pictograph Art Gallery - Atikokan, Ontario

You can also google Crystal Babcook (lived in Beaumont) to find more of my past paintings.


 I AM always happy to supply work for your fundraising activities - contact me with request.