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Stress Management 


Positive Psychology Life Coach 


Couples Therapy 


Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)


Assertiveness Training 


Anger Management


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One on one sessions to help understand where the stress is coming from & what can be done to deal with it differently. Changing the way we look at things, doesn't change the situation but does bring relief in how we feel about it. 

Learn several coping skills to make you feel empowered. 


Coaching creates a safe environment in which you can experiment with different techniques which have worked successfully with those having gone before you. 

Knowing you have support, gives you the freedom to try a new way. Validating & life changing. 

Addictions, Suicide Prevention & Self Worth are all areas of acceptance, expertise & understanding.


Couples often have a hard time understanding each other as if we are talking different languages. As an observer, that sees & hears what others often can't, I can help you bring the language into parallels that make sense to both. 

I approach everything from a she's right, he's right perspective...we just need to see how those fit together. 

Compromising who you are is not an option, and suppression not recommended. How to make things work without losing yourself in the process. 


Parenting leads to some interesting experiences when trying to create what is best for our child & help them rise into who they are as a person. 

Gain an understanding of the differences between Good & Responsible Parenting . Learn how to use natural consequences as a teaching tool. 

Help your child gain self esteem, give them freedom  & still be able to guide them to make healthy choices.


Learn to change aggressiveness into assertiveness. These sessions teach you how to accomplish & attain what you want without stepping on anyone else's toes or dignity.


Anger is indicative of several things. The primary one being that your personal barriers have been breached. Learn how to protect those barriers, stay true to who you are without suppressing or becoming aggressive. Build self worth while discovering the true causes behind the anger you experience....get past the excuses to the core issues. Learn how to feel protected and be able to lay down your defenses.