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Live without Fear

 Love without Pain 


On-going,On-line - discover at your own pace


Psychic Vampires 101 



Understanding Your Elements 



 In person


The Majik In Me 

Reiki Level I & II ($150)

or Reiki Level III - Mastery ($200)
or Reiki Level III - Instructors ($200)


A course in self discovery to help you burst thru the illusions that are created within our self. This course will help you re-claim your power and walk in it. 

This series of explorations can be done on-line at your own pace or in person. 

This is a pay what you can afford course-  

There are 8 sections in total, which can be taken sequentially or as your schedule will be offered in a revolutionary manner...

Resource reading is recommended but optional.


Identify who or what sucks your energy. Do a test to see how many vampires are in your world. Learn what a parasitic vampire is & why they are the most dangerous of all. Learn Techniques to empower yourself & strengthen your boundaries to prevent you from becoming a victim or a vampire. 


Do you ever feel like a square peg surrounded by round holes. Discover what your birth date indicates your prevailing elements are & how they affect you. Learn which element is not recognized by Western culture & what that means for you.  Discover how to find balance and make them work for you in your daily life. Can also discover the elements of partners & children - interesting info to explain why relationships are the way they are.

This is as simple as sending me your birth date. I will look up your elements & send back information pertaining to each of them. 


 Reiki classes are presently being taught once a month, usually on a Sunday. 

If you have a group that would like to learn together, let me know...I travel -email me at or we can create a date that works in my space or yours.

Home schoolers are welcome to participate in this as part of their curriculum.  They can join the adults or we can run a separate class for them.

A combination of Usui, Ryoho, Tibetan, Atlantean & Shamballa - you are ready to start you own practice at end of first Class (I prefer to teach levels 1 & 2 together). 

Level 3 Masters & Instructor Attunement are done separately.